Liquid state

“What is the use of a sociologist?” He asked us in one of his most recent published books and although it was easy to give his answer in one hundred and sixty pages to revalue the utility that is given to this science, many others have questioned his postmodernist view of what he has always Known defender with clear concepts to make us understand the world from our own criteria and at the same time make us more critical with what does not surround, however said goodbye without knowing for sure if we readers We would put into practice.

I must confess that I was interested in the thoughts and texts published after the news of his death, but I had heard of Zygmunt Bauman when he was awarded the Prince of Asturias Award for Communication and Humanities in 2010, hearing in his speech of gratitude Literary similarities with our sense of life, “Don Quixote was not conqueror, was conquered. But in his defeat, as Cervantes taught us, he showed that the only thing left to face that inescapable defeat that is called life is to try to understand it”; And add not only to understand it, but also to reach the age of 91 being a sociologist, philosopher and essayist who in the times we live is already a great war won to the current professional stereotypes.

Zygmunt Bauman arouses interest in this exciting discipline through a metaphorical concept referring to the liquid as the state of that changing and unpredictable thing, which applies to everything that surrounds us, that which in modernity stands out so strongly That the human being can make them his own in spite of his ephemeral attraction towards them, Liquid Modernity, Liquid Love, Liquid Life, Liquid Times, Liquid Art, Liquid Surveillance, Liquid Fear… are some examples and at the same time they are how they are titled some of their Books that, without going further, speak of the community to which increasingly selfish individuals belong, an increasingly consumerist society, the disillusionment of politics and power, states outside the welfare state, beings locked in their Comfort Zones.

Thoughts that are paradoxically appealing to be consistent with the “era of change” supported by technology and the Internet, this according to Bauman, we must induce more critical and cautious with all that modernity offers us, “Mobile help be Connected to those that are distanced. Mobiles allow those who connect, keep that distance”; Zygmunt Bauman advocates sociology that should never be liquid, that allows us to be sociable citizens without the need of networks and to stop being liquid beings prone to be gaseous without having enjoyed the solidity.



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