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I spend the day dancing

Start the music and your feet move of their own free will there is no nerve that tells you to stop or disguise, no matter if it is in a nightclub, a stage with crowded audience or the only tiny space that is free in your room, always there is a place to dance that magically accommodates your movements and your space; the dance is so satisfactory on a personal level that it transcends the barriers of muscular exercise that entails more learning techniques and hundreds of choreographies, an activity that the human being has been practicing since the earliest times and that today the experts affirm that it makes longer life and makes us achieve happiness, an affirmation that for the passionate of the dance is not a novelty.

The practice of dance has been attributed many benefits both psychological and physical, but none as experienced by a child who is facing for the first time to discover why he is attracted, “spend the day dancing” he says, while he can not stop moving your legs like a nervous tic and arms throw them from side to side as if listening to music inside, “is a strange feeling, like magic, that makes you forget everything and just think you should feel the music”, afraid of ridicule? None, shame? Outside!; And it is when you think that if in the future you discover that you are good or bad not only in the dance, but in any other activity precisely will be removing these two things from the head: fear and shame.

20161211_2016461Dance schools are responsible for flowing in their students that attraction they feel towards dancing and channeling the forces and enthusiasm with which they face daily to create steps and choreographies, learning different techniques for each style are Essential and need the student to provide not only physical resistance but also discipline and practice, “children start with enthusiasm and in each course is transformed that illusion into their own style of dance to become a way of life and it is beautiful to be Part of it”, says the EDAE director who presents the IV Christmas Festival from a stage that offers them the tradition of their tables to make way for hip-hop, latin-dance, jazz-contemporary, new-style, street-Dance, classical dance and of course flamenco and sevillanas, the most acclaimed among parents and grandparents, faithful spectators.

The music sounds and we know that we are all able to get the rhythm and the magic that everyone talks about but only some brave people achieve with total boldness and success like those children on stage, perhaps because they naturally control the motor language of their body or because they have the basis of learning, anyway we are aware that music transports you and creates an energy around that makes you be yourself and transmit a state, be sensual in slow rhythms, let our wild side appear in strong rhythms or simply Moving a foot with a rhythmic pace, there are those who say “you do not know a person well until you dance with her” because the dance manages to draw what you have inside to enjoy it, transmit and excite with others, only so we are able to know each other ourselves. We Dance?

Photos:  Theater La Latina.  Escuela EDAE. Empezar de Cien


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