I usually cheer myself up with music after I have put the washing machine while I pass the vacuum cleaner trying to collect dust from all corners, a song reminds me of my English teacher who made me pronounce the words correctly while I was laughing, so I smile and it seems that I am happy doing the housework and maybe it is true, but I open the closet doors and I think they are going to eat me and the contagious rhythm of the song becomes more distant when I do not know where they came from so many shoes or how a sock came to occupy a place as unexpected as behind the milk cartons on the kitchen shelf.

Order can become an obsessive compulsive disorder difficult to treat as well as the cumulative disorder that leads to lack of cleanliness and social isolation, we own our own space and we must make it habitable by finding the middle point that gives us the tranquility of a home Collected not only at the first sight of the others but also behind each door and drawer, is a symptom that we are well with ourselves, in this way “takes greater advantage of the acquired order when we become involved in the process of ordering” Our space in useful because the “order brings peace and tranquility”, are the phrases with which the book “Reorganizarte” begins.


A book that gives us the keys necessary to maintain the balance between body, mind and space; there is no perfect order or magic formulas to achieve the tranquility that we want in our home because each one must contribute its own particularity as far as organization but this guide allows us to know the suitable guidelines to obtain it of the hand of Cloti Martínez Peinado, communicator and Professional coach, who describes, for example, the importance of detaching from things that includes the order that we must take into account to discard objects and of course the way to deal with the storage capacity of our home an important point for those who do not have a storage room Or for spacious homes where “everything fits”.

“Reorganizarte” will also make you present significant phrases that serve as a self-help to maintain order and organization conveying that peace, tranquility and happiness that offers us an environment made by ourselves something that maybe easy to achieve especially if we have Help but many others difficult to maintain if we do not convert our purpose into our main habit. This technique of professional organization reminded me of another brought from the East: Feng Shui very fashionable in the 90’s, which is based on the orientation of objects to enhance the energy fields, two complementary techniques that can make our home our temple Sacred.

“We make a vessel of a piece of clay; And it is the empty space inside the vessel that makes it useful.  We make doors and windows for a stay; And it is those empty spaces that make the stay habitable.  Thus, while the tangible possesses qualities, it is the intangible which makes it useful.”



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