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Very few words summarize so many things that are meant and that paradoxically are said without speaking because in silence is where those emotions flow that only the soul interprets as true and that are combined with the energy of a universe of which we are all part even those That still do not see or hear that call, that melody that little by little turns into music and magically transmits and arrives. That is Munay, a Quechua word often used in the literature of Andean poets that reflects love as a whole and as an important part of the universal energy that moves us.

Vanessa Martín has put a significant title to an album that represents the magic of her songs and gives us an introduction that agrees with the singer’s ideology “Let us walk together towards the same direction, being yourself in every moment, a pact of unconditional love of the Creator by its creation, the nature, the individual, the animals, everything that represents the life and the respect for the same one “, is what transmits Munay, a disc that continues the musical line of the spanish artist and that allows him to undress spiritually and unobtrusively before his loyal audience who has been growing with her.

If “Chronicle of a Dance” was the blow that gave before the astonished looks of piracy and the record fights that attacked the music scene, with Munay we rethought the courage that a public person must have to make use of his work only with originality And security that transmits the direct of his voice and his guitar, with Munay also incursiona with the piano and is carried away by the directives of the producer Eric Rosse in the studies of Los Angeles, making it number one in ITunes to only one week of its Launch although I particularly recommend the physical disc, which can be seen and played because it is where you notice the effort to like not only with the ear but through touch and sight when you feel like it.

There are many recommendable subjects but it attracts one that before was poem You have lost who I am that is born in the heart of its first book Ocean Woman of which already takes the fifth edition, a book written with ironic humor of an impulsive singer-songwriter, animal lover , Melancholy, too sentimental, maybe the Spanish Adele, but better not compare because when you go to a live Vanesa you realize that it is simply her with all that he has achieved, as the writer and ethnologist José María Arguedas told Give meaning to Munay “is the art of love that involves love with will and an immaterial purpose.”

This is Complicity, the Munay’s first single.



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