All this i will give you

There are places that attract without knowing if in the future you will be there admiring the landscapes as in a dream or déjà vu, exotic landscapes or cosmopolitan cities, everything can happen between walls of ice, trees hidden in the fog or cobbled streets of medieval lands; The story that tells a writer is for the reader to make it their own from their point of view and their own experience, “All this i will give you” in the style of Dolores Redondo wraps their characters in that magnificent landscape built with real scenes of the Ribeira Sacra, because the scenarios and places are important part for the writer in a plot that in her own words, focuses on greed and disappointment.

todoestoThe Gospel of Matthew, chapter 4, verse 9, talks about the temptation of the devil to Jesus Christ: “All this I will give you, if you worship me,” citation that uses the author to convey the cruel personal conditions that the being has to assume Human to achieve the desired material wealth excessively valued in a tyranny and prejudiced society that in turn makes the unfortunate in greed, which is in short the main thread of this story. A thriller that brings us closer to those family ties that perhaps nobody wants to assume, because the family not only has nice ties but also has badly made and twisted ties that only the brave can try to turn the opposite, and from there are born characters dispares, a recognized writer with a deceased husband, a priest and a civil guard who face a lie before a tragic accident.

All this i will give you” has been awarded the Planet Award with 600 thousand euros, a figure that curiously coincides with its number of pages, so I imagine giving it the corresponding value page by page without detracting from the story, of course, Even though half of it has been left over from the Treasury, as the writer herself, who has been called the Agatha Christie in Spanish literary modernity by the jury of the competition, is an appointment to take into account in our day where woman writers try to get rid of the cliché reading female to tackle police thrillers that appeal to the seventh art.

Without going any further, we talk about the previous work of Dolores Redondo, the Baztan Trilogy that caught the attention of German film producer Peter Naderman buying all the rights to make it into a movie as he did with Stieg Larsson’s “Millennium”, “El Guardian Invisible” will be released next march under the direction of Fernando González Molina, who in turn also directed “Palmeras en la Nieve” based on the novel by Luz Gabar, but it is already well known that writers participate in scripts and the development of the story however the point of view of the film is always in the hands of the director so if something is done missing in the film we can always resort to rereading the book and recreate again with those landscapes described by the novelist what that end up being tourist thanks to our reading.


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