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The girl on the train

A book, a film and return to disagree, both filmmakers and writers proud of their own merits are often the most critical literary works made into films; “The Girl on the Train” continues to receive harsh criticism as expected, a public and professionals accustomed to pigeonhole the written work and audiovisual production as two unthinkable genres for artistic conjunction, when the work in common could be mixed without being adaptations and get to have their own personality for better or for worse.


“The Girl on the Train” based on the book by Paula Hawkins moved by the truth of the character characterized by actress Emily Blunt, a difficult character to be routinely involved in alcoholism and a disordered life as his own story, the producer Tate Taylor tries to fit Rachel as a heroine of a coincidence that transcends the everyday and slashing the suspense, with some drawings reminiscent of Hitchcock’s films but does not become overwhelming, the setting for the film is New York though original story takes place in London, which also takes its toll on the development of the film.

Haley Bennett (The Magnificent Seven), Rebecca Ferguson (Mission Impossible), Edgar Ramirez (Gold), Luke Evans (Beauty and the Beast) and Justin Paul Theroux (Zoolander) also writer and director are the ones who give life to the characters surrounding the unstable Rachel taking scenes and little transcendental dialogues and giving a touch of fantasy to avoid falling into the linear script written by Cressida Wilson with many voyeurs components that induce the viewer to follow the story just by the fact of being complicit lives of others on both sides of the train.

The life of the protagonist Rachel Watson confirms that it is not so easy to the big screen a bestseller full of characters and so real unless seek his own followers, viewers who Taylor is directed to identify with stories of women scenarios made for women, such as the Oscar-winning “The Help” based on another bestseller that also produced.  But no mistake, not often what succeeds is good and what is good has a deserved success; but ask him to own Paula Hawkins if you dare to make a Hollywood movie in a book.



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