Hitchcock, beyond suspense

Speaking of fear in the film is about the “man who made films” capable of moving the viewer the most terrifying moment and from there, letting himself tell you everything if he could survive the subsequent frames, scenes developed in the mind of director before filming started, who despite having been carried away by stereotypes of the 50s managed to keep its own basic style of silent film in which he started, always with the “touch Hitchcock” was a storyteller visual and then visual storyteller, with that creative inventiveness conveying their drawings in which embodied the film completely “why see through the camera if I already have plans in my head” he said, subjective camera was his law.

“Do not speak. Open your eyes, more, more, more … cut!”  It was one of his instructions to lead actress in a scene where she must die hanged for a serial murderer,“the murderer neckties” scenes seen by Hitchcock so closely that could be part of your own film, a particular label that would make his first creations appearing as an extra but realizing his followers to waste time in finding and did not focus on the story began himself to appear between scenes to finally make your own presenter.


Angles, natural light, music, movements and years later: the colors, all together should play a major role, nothing was left to chance unless it were economic means, their productions could be the more expensive for the 20 or 50 but the genius filmmaker with models, backgrounds and sounds study could make a woman smoked a cigarette on a bench in a park while “birds” they conspired behind her, some birds that were perhaps the first to reach the big screen before sharks and killer spiders.

To learn more about Alfred Hitchcock are their own films and interpretation of the actors, which somehow reflected his childhood fears, his aversion to the police, his nightmares adult and his attraction societies that seem perfect where you find “a bad it is someone charming” become a hitchcockian psychopath, like uncle Charlie or Norman Bates, and where kisses and angel faces of the lovely ladies serve to show the other face of horror and anguish still being elegant blonde big mansions or visitors from distant Victorian town houses; psychosis authentic.

“Hitchcock, beyond the suspense” is the first exhibition in Spain on British filmmaker set out in the Espacio Fundación Telefónica reviewing his biography, the making-off and all his film work thematically in five sections and has as in order to describe the essential keys of their productions to date they are difficult to classify but they are still a world leader; alongside the exhibition activities and workshops for the general public, with special attention to children for vacation days, without neglecting the participation in social networks, such as “Instagramers Gallery” contest will publish the winning photographs will be made #HitchcockContest sent to all participants igers.

Hitchcock, beyond suspense. Espacio Fundación Telefónica in the October 5, 2016 to Feb. 5, 2017. Free admission.



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