Princess sandals without heel

We are few summer days and warm but fashion still reserve summer footwear for those who do not want to say goodbye to our friend the sun and take advantage of deals can still be found in some windows on-line before pulling out of the closet boots and socks . Yes, there’s still time to have your hands (and especially on your feet) sandals that have been involved not only in our sidewalks but also the most original gateways and scenarios.75te74hf7Sandals Gioseppo with the signing of Elsa Pataky have been preferred by the care of its design and scope achieved its advertising promotion but other firms already had in their windows this design though not as similar to the originals ñusta style that they have been in use in Andean highlands of Peru as we know from approximately 1800, but were part of the royal costume Inca Empire princesses since time making the leap to the catwalks a few years ago. Ñusta means in Quechua (Inca original language): princess or queen, young woman belonging to royalty.

Peruvian photographer Mario Testino was the chief ambassador of the fashion of his country in 2013 when he published in Vogue a photographic book realized in the Peruvian Andes, however, if the bright colors of the pompoms, ponchos and skirts were cover, the ñusta sandals took a back seat to make way for boots and platform sandals booty heels with lacing leather knee also were created based on the traditional costumes of the country that took the misses to the competitions, the model Karol Castillo was honored in 2008 as “Best costume” Miss Universe, an idea that dazzled the runways.

If you are passionate about ethnicity, there’s still time to purchase these sandals, you can carry cordoned off the ankle or knee, can be customized with beads and pompoms removable, to make them one of your essential shoes for comfort and adaptive design , the heel may never go out of fashion, but this shoe princess without heels may snatch some thrones, made with soft materials of skin like that Gioseppo offers in its pages online sales or model Zara tip square and front pompoms.  To keep out the last rays of sun.


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