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Karim, the comic magician naked

The merger between love and humor quite apart from rhyme, does have that magic we all want but have some irrational and maybe can get to the edge of madness, something that our magician Karim seems to be aware and perhaps so same that attracted me her show, where a public avid mystery and laughter can meet every Saturday night in Theatres Luchana to unleash the imagination that fortunately brings out our childlike soul with adult experience.

74hf74He begins to tell the worst joke related to their name and planes but later clarified that it Spanish and the audience laughs breathe easy, its name for a moment made me think of football, in the French Karim Benzema but is not recommended for jokes, much less for magic … Karim, the wizard continues with the monologue prepared for the premiere of his latest show “adult” where he talks about the couple, the children, who do not want to have children and free commitments, tells his wedding and bachelor party which keeps fond memories of a dwarf, say “sweet” because dictionaries understood as a memory is sweet when it is nice and pleasant, because otherwise, do not tell.

Among the public there is always someone laughing too maybe because he enjoys as a child entertainer or because he has not destroyed the mobile as announcing the voiceover at the beginning, and in the attempt to part with that exaggerated laughter, I realize that laughter the magician himself is also something uncomfortable like a cartoon that has crept into an adult party and as you’re used to it you find it increasingly contagious … distractions sound of laughter vanish with magic and illusionism of the letters it impossible to decipher the trick of hand movements to what the response is amazement and applause.

Karim no boundaries between magic, drama and humor, since he was 8 years old when he first set foot on a stage, the world of magic and the show has been awarded several prizes inside and outside Spain as well as participate in known programs comedians and monologues, theaters have witnessed their experiences on the Camino de Santiago with “Kamino of Laughter” and those idyllic holiday in the Caribbean we all crave for “Magic Comedy”, a title that has been captured in a book written by himself on the mix of humor and magic.

“Sólo para adultos” summarizes a Karim experimented with a participatory audience laughs, games globoflexia and shadow puppetry, let burn the jacket, think of exotic animals, read texts nonexistent pages or total number of sealed envelopes, one hour and room where gunshots are heard, is applauded even in the breaks and where we know why naked with a striptease to the beat of your favorite singer. Karim out thanks goodbye to his audience among many selfies, but I recommend approaching carefully because you never know what lurks a magician under the bathrobe.

“Sólo para Adultos” in theaters Luchana Madrid, every Saturday in October and November at 21.30 hrs.

Ticket sales at: Teatros LuchanaAtrápalo Ticketea


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