Fear recreated without fear

“There is always someone who is antenna that captures the Wi-Fi beyond” says the phrase of the information sign explaining the history of shamans “a character in extinction” within the Exhibition of the mystery ship that brings us closer to the epicenter of the most feared issues that have occupied and continue to occupy the remotest corners of the scary stories, because seeing, hearing and reading adds the touch and do selfies with images and emblematic figures of the program Iker Jimenez.

The Yeti almost waving from outside welcoming the curious and fans of the program, the Mothman reception beside which I consider a great friend not so distant space: the alien from Area 51. And it was just the beginning. A short wait to get in but the stairs of the theater did nothing but get caught up in the excitement of seeing appear at any moment images that unleash our fear or astonishment, the woman hanging on the staircase was the most selfies captured during our way Bestiary , that room that makes breathing ecosystem of those beings that existed in the descriptions of the people who had the luck or misfortune to meet them.

But I think the most terrifying Ship Mystery is when we move to actual cases featuring the man himself, how right Iker stating that what most frightens us is the knowledge that can keep happening … photographs, clippings newspaper, models and almost real objects made by Juan Villa, the artist of the program, without fear recreate events that are more than we want figment of our imagination and fear, reflect the cruel reality of the dark side of human beings.

Cuarto Milenio The Exhibition continues its tour of Spain.


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