One of the most read books

The official presentation of IKEA catalog 2017 celebrates the 20th edition in Spain, the swedish retailer offered a catering care with products of the food court, a musical background to the sound of violin and guitar, besides animation of Diego Arjona, creator of monologos and an actor, who made laugh guests present at the newly opened Ikea Alcorcón Madrid, which after its relocation project with 39,500 square meters, joins the celebration of all places of Spain to present his most precious treasure, the book’s most wanted and desired: their catalog.

Here are some keys that we should consider to better know the history of this new “book”:

  1. This is the catalog number 20 with which IKEA celebrates its 20th anniversary in Spain.
  2. It has 324 pages, almost like a book of narrative of the most prestigious writers.
  3. 1200 products are shown each with at least one image.
  4. 75 rooms settings, complete solutions for every room in the house.
  5. It is printed on paper certified FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) seal that guarantees responsible for products made with the most sustainable wood use.
  6. 211 million copies printed worldwide in 70 versions for 50 countries and in 32 languages, winning first place in the most printed publications in the world.
  7. In Spain launches 9.7 million units.
  8. For the first time it offers 12 stories of real people from different cultures united by a single idea: the IKEA concept.
  9. In this edition food and meals takes on special prominence.
  10. “Nothing like home to furnish the head and around the table even more.” It is the theme chosen for this new catalog.

With this launch IKEA strengthens its commitment to issue paper but does not neglect the technology and provides the interactive version through the web and also recently opened Catalogue App, which already can be downloaded to all devices containing video, decorating tips, virtual 360 degree views and augmented reality of the selected product.

We know that not all receive the catalog at home, we should buy something from the store to take home, which magically disappears from our mailbox or when we have guests at home or work we each have a copy, we reviewed several times its pages for inspiration, design … but often have to do the assembly ourselves because basically the house we do with our own hands is the most value.


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