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The “Free Tour” of Gianmarco runs Europe and América

The lights come on as bursts of shooting stars taking turns to light an empty stage and some seats filled with an anxious public that in less than two seconds forgets the long tail and security measures at the entrance, to see appear after a disturbing Gianmarco wait. Music sounds and has the steady rhythm of old pop with tints of andean folk that makes alternative and yet close, a sound that has become characteristic of this singer and Peruvian composer who has more than 23 year career with a rich essence marked by the charango, harmonica and guitar inseparable, with warm and direct sometimes difficult to learn on their surprising rhyme, characteristic of the not so young Lima letters.


Is the European Tour Libre 2016 that goes through different cities in the United States and Europe, accompanied by his band with transmitting his musical get along: the battery with force and feminine rhythmic dexterity, a pianist overflowing ballad to transform it into pop, jazz or salsa at will, the guitar that marks the rhythm bases of folk and rock, and sax that sax seemed that he did everything “saxoman uncontrollable” I called, I did teacher and student while next to Gianmarco, he puts the sensitivity and the genuineness of whom knowhow lyrics and music, who can fly and to make fly us with stories of love and heartbreake and some even up to launch a defiance “if you left me, you’re fucked” … so intense so sensitive.

More than two and a half hours on stage walking their musical career, current singles in his recent “Libre” as it begins its concert “Aunque ya no vuelva a verte” or singing with his daughter Nicole “Vida de mi vida” passport for a future star family, and interpreting the choirs of the issues that led him to fill the limeña room “Estación de Barranco” at 90′: the hymn “Una canción de amor” or “Se me olvidó” single that marks a before and after in his career, and other significant singles who have occupied the first lists of tops international radios thanks to the voices of other renowned artists,”Hoy”,”Hasta que vuelvas conmigo”, “Canta Corazón”.

But the versatility of the artist is based on his sense of musical fusion, without performing extravagances or easy Latin rhythms, a sound that differs from the current music scene and that has led to being awarded three times at the Latin Grammy Awards; however what is shown in concert, is that your audience is faithful thanks to the warmth and closeness of the artist, criollismo his guitar, rhythm charango and harmonica, his romantic voice and complicity with their audience, musical dedication huayno “Ojos Azules” compatriot who was killed in recent attacks in Belgium, let us see a Gianmarco who never forgets his family and where he grew up.


3 thoughts on “The “Free Tour” of Gianmarco runs Europe and América

  1. Que palabras tan acertadas Elizabeth, poniendo la nota musical a cada frase, dándole ritmo y métrica a las oraciones y poniéndole la sensibilidad exacta a tu relato, como un fanático más que gozó del talento musical de un cantante “tan complejo como un libro de teoría y tan sencillo si se pone a hablar del sol”…

  2. Bueno te felicito por tener la posibilidad de verlo y agradezco que nos acerques a la experiencia de su concierto, muchos aún no tenemos la posibilidad de verlo . Pero la esperanza es lo último que se pierde. Me duele que a veces entre latinos no nos apoyamos y acá en Colombia no creo que llegue la gira de libre.

  3. Es muy cierto Gian marco es una persona muy transparente y transmite mucha paz y esperanza , estuve en su concierto y por un momento sentí estar en mi país , ver como todos disfrutaban y bailaban con tanta emoción , eres único Gian marco, gracias por haber visitado Barcelona , no sabes cuanto nos ayudas con tus canciones y tus mensajes en cada concierto , mil gracias fue como por un segundo estar en mi tierra!!

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