Coloring the world

I did not know where the end of it all was. I had often wondered about the lack of white clouds in this world, however there was good weather, clouds … what? If only they had blue clouds as the most transparent and scarce sky. Hence the blue grass? Who knows. A blue grass growing above and below all standing things, an herb that if caught you could strangle you with its pleasant smell and its soft touch, sometimes gave the impression of watching silent and serene, you heard and knew its silent force could be lethal to anyone

I thought that while not approach me to her or thought, he could be quiet, so I passed him and I steeled himself not to intimidate when he accidentally stepped on so felt peace that could sleep and aletargarme … but not me let convince, on rainy days was the smell of honey that attracted me to her but only limited me open the window and breathe. I got used to not sit still, to move from side to side in a hurry because everything also ran without stopping to think or feel.74hf8yqruUntil I met him, I could not name him because he never told me his name, I could not touch him because despite being very close I felt I could to melt and forget me, I could not know and felt that I knew well, he could not speak just think, just I watched me and I, just me and I breathed too, and that energy given off by his body and mine gave off us from this world; even when he was away he felt close, that look, that own perfume, making me see that all this was not, not worth.

And it was then, only then that I realized that the world was not all blue as I saw it but of many colors and smells that made me feel a green grass and not drowned; my fears was just ignorance of the unknown, my imaginary value was not worth anything if you really did not feel that everything lived and learned it was only a rehearsal for what would come to really be.


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