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Antonio Banderas is the evil pirate

The marine sponge-like shower sponge, has become an international phenomenon and has over a decade making us scream his name, to the question “Who lives at the bottom of the sea? The phrase of a converted series in franchise worth millions and that in this second foray into film, is estimated to have needed about $ 66 million due to costs from its launch in 3D, why they have done everything to promote launching several promotional videos and games for all devices from the official website.

“SpongeBob: a hero out of water” is directed by biologist Stephen Hillenburg, also creator of the cartoon series featuring the adventures of our yellow hero in the bottom of the underwater city of Bikini; for the film, screenwriters Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger have adapted sentences according to the current social situation, as when Patricio screaming with fear of the danger that “will be the end of social networks”, very typical of the series, and get our new superhero to save their aquatic world from the difficult world of humans.

Filming took place in Savannah, Georgia a small town bathed by the Atlantic Ocean and the entire production of Paramount Animation Movies Nickelodon and had to stay on its shores around 40 days, including guitarist Slash, former Guns N’Roses, who affirms and reaffirms that all you see on TV is Spongebob, whom we shall see in a special appearance in this film; but the evil pirate Barba Burger, starring Antonio Banderas, who will keep the suspense in the story as it will steal the precious Krabby Patty recipe, .The actor himself describes his character “of romantic character and free spirit.”

It is appreciated that the voices for the Spanish dubbing are the same as the broadcast on television, Alberto Closas as Calamardo, Cesar Diaz as Patricio and Alex Saudinós as SpongeBob, since on more than one occasion who has not disappointed to hear “different” from our cartoon character on the big screen, especially for our hero who embodies optimism and happiness in the simplest way and engaging because of the freshness with which lives under the sea, if Stated as our reality certainly would find many similarities


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