Blanca Padilla the new angel

Just three days to record the most anticipated and world famous parade, it is that angels have not needed much preparation for the event, with the pace of life that takes each of the forty participants who have passed through those thirty meters of full LED walkway lights and glitter brilliance, a gateway that leaves no one indifferent and much less to twenty thousand people who packed the East Court of London; an unmissable event for nineteen years where the work of makeup artists, hairdressers, assistants and charge backstage also deserve appointed recognition for achieving those weak and beautiful little bodies look with a grandeur and firmness that gives security and value to deploy their heavy wings underwear.


A couple of those wings weighed about 18 kilos it is as if we purchase four bags of a large chain of supermarkets walking down the sidewalk and heels with peep toes, always smiling and not blinking before the lights and flash; so it is possible to occur unexpected scenes that show improvisation direct, singer Ariana Grande knows it, and save it as a secret, but there is the casual aletazo he received from one of the models during performance remix.

The performances in the show of Victoria’s Secret have become the most sought after not only by the public and the models but also by the artists themselves who want to be part of this annual event, therefore, the organizers pay special attention to choosing them, this year in addition to Ariana Grande, were Ed Sheeran, and Taylor Swift Hozier, the latter repeated for consecutive time; artists who were involved in set design created for the occasion as seen alongside golden angels, exotic settings, decorated dreams and fairy tales, pink in all its splendor and silver balloons to transmit an angelic world.

A world first trod ten Angels debutantes, including the model Blanca Padilla, the only Spanish representative who has modeled for this edition, that left the corridors of the Metro de Madrid where he was going daily to study Marketing and Advertising for a vertigo period, treading the catwalk Victoria’s Secret and become an angel with wings fastened securely after parading for Valentino and Oscar de la Renta; perhaps in the not too distant future we can see it as Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio, angels that his seniority in the show wore the coveted Fantasy Bra bra decorated with thousands of gems and worth two million dollars.

“Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show” will air on December 9 through CBS at 22 pm, six hours later to Spain because of the time difference, and will reach 192 countries.


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