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Pablo Escobar, the uncle of the bride

Puerto Rican actor Benicio del Toro, awarded for his career in the recent Film Festival San Sebastian, gives life to the most famous drug dealer in history: Pablo Escobar, a very controversial role not only for its direct relationship with drug trafficking but also for his involvement in the distribution of the benefits of your business that included senior officials from police, politicians and of course, family, friends and neighbors, although he always said that he did to help the needy.

Although there are scenes of violence and risk, the first film by director Andrea di Stefano keeps the issue of drugs in the background and focuses on the character, a family Escobar concerned about the stability and safety of those around you, reaching divo be a loved and respected but also the most despicable and ruthless to his enemies with treason.


Set in the 80s, “Escobar: Paradise Lost” is passionate and perhaps romantic thriller, Nick (Josh Hutcherson) is a young Canadian surf lover who comes to Colombia and admired the fabulous views is from the beach stays but not only in love with the landscape but also of Maria (Claudia Traisac), the couple had eaten partridges if she had not submitted his uncle Pablo Escobar, is where the plot, mixed in between reality and fiction begins.

Although sometimes fiction also becomes real when the love story of the protagonists continues outside the recording studio, and that is what has happened with Josh Hutcherson, American actor currently recognized for his role in “The Hunger Games” next brand; and Claudia Traisac, a young television and musical theater actress who has made the leap to the big screen, we remember in “The Mystery of Calenda”, “Aida”, “Tell Me”, or the musical “Today I can lift “.

Also noteworthy is a Carlos Bardem become the most ruthless hitman Escobar, but in his own words defined between Popeye and Tyson, commissioned to reflect loyalty to “pattern” and keep his word with the familiar phrase “nobody escapes Pablo Escobar”.
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