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Bollywood Trend

Dance and sensuality are mixed in Indian dances performed by the spectacular Mistri and his team, this time Spanish dancers who encourage us to be part of a double show: “Sueños de Bollywood” and “Bollywood Cabaret,” which gave meet in Spain, for it has chosen the emblematic Teatro La Latina in Madrid.

The well-known Indian tonic Elephant “Markham” endorses this show that stands for the colorful costumes and fusion rhythms like jazz, funky or tango, inspired by what today is already known as “bollywood trend” and with a story that begins with the dream of a young woman to find happiness in love and dance, the style of Bollywood films celebrating its centenary.


01. Dance and sensuality, what are your strengths and / or weaknesses?   To be a dancer you have to have something within natural and fluid. Sensuality comes when these things go without thinking. Weaknesses: emotions we used to dance sometimes affect us And we are much more sensitive! However, that same emotion fills us.

02. Do you think the artist who appears in an advertisement for other products, is the real value it deserves?  Often when I see artists publicizing other products wonder “why?”; when we have a profile and are in a strong position to serve as “role models” for people … Actually, we have a responsibility for what “advertise”. But we also have to look at the difficulties of being an artist today. We enjoy very little support, and if there are other ways to help your artistic profile, I think it’s fine. In the end, if it is a collaboration between art and product … It’s the best.

03. What impression expect the public when finished “Dreams of Bollywood and Bollywood Cabaret” and go home?  I want people to leave the theater dancing to his house. With a mind full of all the elements that have been on the show. As are two very different shows … There are many details!

04. Everyone can learn to dance Bollywood or just encourage us with a tonic “Markham” the elephant?   Bollywood is a musical genre films. There is too much fusion in their dance. So everyone can find something you like and enjoy the dance. It is so large and accessible. Of course, if you want to dance on stage you must have an education, but to enjoy it all. If you want to take a gin and tonic while, well done !!

05. The costumes are important in your shows, Mistri how do you choose your clothing? Acting in the theater is very different than acting in movies. The costumes have to be more vivid and special. I, like most women, I will by things that shine! When I have made a choreography, I start thinking about the colors and styles of clothing. This show allows me to play with many styles, from traditional saris to feathers cabaret!

06. What she does the film Mumbai that after 100 years still love?  If we think of India, going to the movies, it is an opportunity to forget everything that happens in real life. And, of course, this applies to everyone. Bollywood generally sell a fantasy. So there is an international boom of the films of Bollywood. And who does not like to dance, It is colorful costumes and beautiful people!

07. Do you have new projects to Spain?   Always I have a thousand projects in mind! For now, I want to look like I can take on tour this double show in Spain and Europe. I have also proposed a collaboration with a dancer of Bollywood, US resident, 2014. Let’s see!

“Sueños de Bollywood” and “Bollywood Cabaret”
Teatro La Latina in Madrid
From 19 to 23 June 2013


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