A drop

A drop does not flow
a drop does not expect
an unwanted drop
a clandestine drop in the morning.

A noisy drop
a drop stumbles
a drop drowning
a clumsy drop
any vessel not filled
nor will any sea.

A drop Leaking
of the heaviest rains
next circumventing
the strong winds of the storm
through other drops
insignificant and endorses.

A drop of dirty water
drop a radioactive no one wants
a drop of rain when no rain
a useless and noisy drop
a tireless drop at night
a drop that continues and does not know anything.

A drop in time with the seconds
Unheard and lost in the silence.

A drop trackless or destination
a transparent colorless drop
a sad drop earth absorbs
a single drop
a drop, another drop and one after another.

In the last drops of a night storm is heard through my window.

“Sometimes we feel that what we do is just a drop in the ocean, but the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.”  Teresa de Calcuta.